Past Exhibitions in Venice


Carsten Egevang, East Greenland, Scoresbysund (2016)

The Arctic. The Final Frontier

The exhibition The Arctic. The Final Frontier (Artico. Ultima Frontiera) at Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice examines from three different points of view the huge area of the planet that includes Greenland, Siberia and Iceland, as well as the life of the Inuit people, … [read more]


Falkenstein, Vibrazione

Postwar Era. A Recent History

The exhibition Postwar Era. A Recent History. Homages to Jack Tworkov and Claire Falkenstein takes a fresh look at American and European art from post-World War II up until 1979. More than ninety paintings and sculptures from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, some rarely exhibited before, … [read more]

Accrochage, Punta della Dogana in Venice


The exhibition Accrochage at Punta della Dogana in Venice brings together nearly 70 works from the Pinault Collection. Specifically conceived for Punta della Dogana, the show will take up the entire exhibition space of the museum. All the works and 19 of the 30 artists … [read more]

Sigmar Polke, Circus Figures (2005)

Sigmar Polke

The retrospective of Sigmar Polke (1941-2010) at Palazzo Grassi in Venice is the first major exhibition in Italy dedicated to the German artist. The entire space of Palazzo Grassi is dedicated to Polke’s works, highlighting the diversity of his techniques and formats including painting, drawing, … [read more]

Silvia Levenson, Identitad Desaparecida

Silvia Levenson. Identitad Desaparecida

The exhibition Identitad Desaparecida (Lost Identity) at the Murano Glass Museum in Venice involves sculptures, installations and photographs by Argentine artist Silvia Levenson. The central installation comprises 119 pieces of infant clothing made from coloured glass. It relates to a tragic period in Argentina when, … [read more]


Andrea Schiavone, Diana and Actaeon (1550)

Splendors of the Renaissance In Venice

Museo Correr

The exhibition the Splendors of the Renaissance In Venice. Andrea Schiavone among Parmigianino, Tintoretto and Titian at the Museo Correr is the first retrospective dedicated to Andrea Meldolla (1510-1563), better known as Schiavone. With his innovative painting style, Schiavone was an artist who ‘stood out … [read more]

The Alchemy of Color, Palazzo Mocenigo

The Alchemy of Color

The exhibition The Alchemy of Color at Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice takes visitors on a journey through the different natural dying techniques of fabrics. While explaining this age-old enterprise, it reveals how human evolution, both cultural and economic, and scientific advancement have always gone hand … [read more]