Carsten Egevang, East Greenland, Scoresbysund (2016)
Carsten Egevang, East Greenland, Scoresbysund (2016)

The Arctic. The Final Frontier

Casa dei Tre Oci

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January 15, 2017


April 2, 2017

The exhibition The Arctic. The Final Frontier (Artico. Ultima Frontiera) at Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice examines from three different points of view the huge area of the planet that includes Greenland, Siberia and Iceland, as well as the life of the Inuit people, who are forced to deal with the difficulties of living in a hostile environment.

On display are 120 black and white images, made by three masters of reportage photography: Paolo Solari Bozzi (Rome, 1957), Ragnar Axelsson (Kopavogur, Iceland, 1958) and Carsten Egevang (Taastrup, Denmark, 1969).

The points on which the three photographers concentrate are the slow yet inexorable fight against environmental difficulties, the landscape, the lifestyle of a millennial culture and that of contemporary civilisation, as well as the dramatic scenario of climate change, the result of global warming.

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